Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Video Games

Another day is another chance to make yourself a better person.

It's like video games where you can start over. 
You name it, Jetpack Joyride, Angry Bird or Flappy Bird. 
Each of them gives you the opportunity to improvise.

In a game, there are so much obstacles, fun adventures, new people and new places to discover. 
Same goes to life.
In a game, we also have the eager to improvise our skills and tactics. 
Same goes to life. 
In a game, if you press the wrong button, or proceed with the wrong move, your points will be deducted or eventually you'll die.
Same goes to life.
In a game, you can add more gadgets and some more cool stuff to your avatar and gain extra points. You can even share your skills with friends and inspire them to play better.
Same goes to life

There are more to life than games actually. Everybody missed that so badly. 
Yes. This life is the real game.
There are no ways you can let yourself do wrong anymore after this.
Allah created day so we can work. Night so we can relax and reflect ourselves. And most importantly, tomorrow, so we can start fresh with improvements.

If you live the same boring life like yesterday, you're wasting time.
Get up ! Go grab coffee and go have some adventures and do good now. 
You know what they said, now or never.